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5 Clean Eating Myths that you need to STOP Believing Today

5 Clean Eating Myths that you need to STOP Believing Today

Clean eating: some are totally on board, others not so much. If you are a fan of the clean eating lifestyle, there are a few things you should know about diet busting mistakes you may be making. Some of these may shake up your world as you know it so hang on for the ride.

Eat lots of protein.

You hear the “experts” say that you should eat lots of lean protein. While protein is part of a healthy diet, it is just that, a part of it. Excessive consumption of animal protein has been linked to several health conditions including arthritis pain, but it can also cause your body to age prematurely and decrease your immunity.

Everything in the produce section is OK.

Uh, no, everything in the produce section is not OK. Genetically modified organisms, or GMO products, are becoming more and more prevalent. Corn is a huge culprit, but GMO products are also showing up as many of our other common fruits and vegetables. Problem is, there are no laws that require a GMO product to be disclosed as such. Organic is your best bet for produce.

Sugar is natural.

Many people try to pass off sugar as natural, but it is a highly processed food and it is really bad for you, not to mention highly addictive. There are several natural sugar alternatives, but white sugar is not it. Steer clear of refined sugar. There are so many other options that are available to you. If you are already addicted to sugar, there will be a bit of a withdrawal which may include headache and fatigue, but it is worth the day or so of detox. You’ll feel much better once you’ve kicked the habit.


Fat is bad.

Fat is not bad. Too much fat, like just about everything else, is bad. Your body needs fat though. Not only does it make food taste amazing, it helps your body absorb certain vitamins and minerals. It cushions the organs in your body. Fat is good. Now, clean fat is best. Think avocado, seafood, nuts, eggs, and, yes, meat. Just keep it in moderation. Overdoing fat, any fat, can lead to problems like obesity and diabetes.


Low fat dairy is good.

When they take the fat out of dairy products like sour cream, what do you suppose they replace it with? If you read the ingredients list of your favorite low fat or fat free dairy product you are likely to get a little shaken up. You will find chemicals and things in there that have nothing to do with your dairy—and they aren’t good for you. Plus, they can cause you to gain weight.

When you start introducing chemicals into your food, you have moved far, far away from clean eating. At that point it is time to take a step back and reevaluate your position on your eating lifestyle.

Clean eating is healthy and great for you, but you can’t trust what manufacturers and marketers are telling you about their products. Look for yourself, read labels, if a product has more than 5 or 6 ingredients that are familiar and you can pronounce, then it probably isn’t clean.

How many of these myths were you aware of? Did any take you by surprise? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

I get Sooooooo Tired of all the Augments against eating meat. Yes, I agree that most meat on the market that gone through the run of the mill process, stuffed full of hormones and Grains to fatten and Antibiotics because they are sickly being in a pinned up situation, course those animals are not going to pass along everything we need and we should not eat the fat or the meat of these animals hardly at all. BUT Grass-fed Cows that eat different grasses and Pastured Pigs that allowed to root eat nuts and all kinds of food they would find out in the pasture and Chickens that are pastured eat worms and nuts and foods that they like are going be a lot Heather with more Omega 3 fats and better vitamin mineral ratio. Yes, it cost more to eat this kind of meat. Because these Animals take a lot more work than other type of Animal meat that’s forced to live in Stock yard and Crampt conditions. Most of the Animals in the pastured situation never need an Antibiotic, because they never see sickness the way the other types do. So, yes we pay for for Grass-fed, Pastured Animal meat. BUT its worth it and you feel the difference in your Body. . .I wish these kind of animals would be used against the meat that is used in most of those test that are mentioned above. BUT they are NOT. Because they don’t want to know the real truth. . BECAUSE it would cost too much money to raise animals out in the pasture. . .AND it’s more expensive for them to be raised in a healthier way. It’s all about money. . .Just follow whose really doing the test. Anyway, I don’t care to fight with anyone . . .I just wanted to vent, period. You can all fight amongest yourselves.


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