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Supporting the Japanese Relief Effort

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Supporting the Japanese Relief Effort We want to thank our many customers who have called and written expressing concern about the situation in Japan. Some of you have also expressed concern about the quality and availability of Lakanto. We have been kept informed by our Japanese partners who have been on the front lines of the relief effort from the very first day. Here is the story from the very best sources of information available. The original dangers from the earthquake and the tsunami have subsided but the number of dead and missing continues to rise. The nuclear power plants at Fukushima are still a growing concern, but the Japanese resolve to bring the situation under control will ultimately win out. We are confident that, in all of these horrific circumstances, the deep reserves of fortitude and resilience which the Japanese people are known for will hold them in good stead. The Saraya Co., Ltd. is using its immense resources in the area of healthcare, hygiene, food, and environmental sanitation to bring immediate relief to the homeless and displaced victims of the tragedy. Saraya unharmed by earthquake and tsunami Saraya Co., Ltd.'s headquarters and Lakanto manufacturing facility is located in Osaka, some 600 km from the area that was hit the hardest. This distance means the Lakanto manufacturing plant was unharmed and will continue to produce the highest quality products and will supply our distributors around the world without interruption. Report from Mr. Yusuke Saraya, President, in Japan "Gasoline and electricity are being rationed in Kanto (Tokyo area) and Tohoku (the area of the earthquake) and people are encouraged to buy water, dry foods, batteries and other necessities when possible. However there is a shortage in many of these commodities, so people in areas such as Kansai (Osaka) are helping to provide goods to those in need. Saraya is helping with soap and alcohol hand disinfectant. Everybody around the world and in Japan are pulling together to help those in need, and the local rebuilding process is gradually making progress. First roads are being cleaned and repaired to allow cleaning and repairing of homes, industrial sites, and business centers damaged by the earthquake. Unfortunately, this is a massive project and millions of people have been affected, with tremendous lose of irreplaceable belongings. The earthquake has affected businesses in many ways. Besides the obvious damage to businesses in eastern and northern Japan, companies that produce raw materials affected by the quake can no longer keep up with orders, leaving many companies scrambling for resources outside of Japan. Regarding the nuclear plant in Fukushima, this is the most worrisome subject now, especially for those outside of Japan who have been led to believe in the worst situation, that nuclear fallout will cause radiation to spread around the world. Fortunately, the reality is that even in the worst scenario, only a small area around the Fukushima nuclear plants would be directly affected. It is a pity when private companies such as the owners of the Fukushima plant or BP Oil make oversights on the safety of their facilities. However, it is said that the Japanese government has been great at responding to the earthquake and tsunami, and the early warning system helped save thousands of lives. The Japanese Self Defense Force and the national police have deployed 100,000 service men and women to aid in rescue and reconstruction. However, I must sadly report that the number dead exceed 10,000 people, with over 17,000 listed as missing. The people who suffered and lost their homes due to the tsunami as well as those who were evacuated from around the nuclear plants are more than 450,000 families. Our prayers are with everyone affected and helping with the rescue." Yusuke Saraya, Saraya President Saraya Health donating 25% profits to relief effort Overwhelmed with grief for our friends and co-workers in Japan we have decided to contribute 25% of our profits this year to the Japanese Relief efforts. We will contribute directly to the Japanese people on the ground in the most devastated areas through our parent companies efforts with providing the much needed supplies of food, health, hygiene, and environmental safety. Thank you all for your continued support!